Why going digital?

Because you have to! Let’s settle this! First and foremost, it is key to set your mind clear and precise that you have to embrace technology and digitalization. No more doubts nor skepticism!

You have achieved a big thing already if you did change your mind to embrace technology and digitalization. So let’s talk! For some strange reasons, more than 60% of small businesses in developed countries like Australia are somehow still lowly digitized – use only basic internal and external digital communication. What makes it stranger is a study found that highly digitalized SMBs have chances like 3x more likely to experience revenue growth, likely to achieve 2x profits, 2x more likely to create jobs, and 3x more likely to develop new products and services. (Deloitte, 2019)


Now let’s look at it from another angle! Imagine you have an advertising business and you need to work on a project that needs to share and collaborate your artwork files. With digitalization, you can do it seamlessly with your Cloud and online tools. EFFICIENCY! However, what if your employees are underskilled and technology-lagged? You will need to transfer the data through external memory (Flash drive, Hardisk, etc.) and this will consume time and energy. All this during COVID-19? It’s going to be the end of the world! 


How big the digital world really is?

Gigantic! “Gigantic” would still be an understatement because it is too large to describe in words. Tech companies are expanding every day although they own trillions of dollars already, and this is not a coincidence or luck. As we are marching into Industry 4.0 (Data Evolution), every business needs to embark on a digital presence. Not everyone likes this trend, and yet, the pursuit of better efficiency and effectiveness have to formulate changes through digitalization.


Why should marketing for business go digital?


Everyone is on the internet

Fact that everyone ranging from kids to elders are very fond of the internet platform, so the business has to digitize and go online to prey on these targets. It is evident that every business has its digital presence on social media, for example, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They can showcase their products and services to their target customers very effectively at a low-cost compared to other mass media (TV commercials, Banners, Pop-ups, etc.). Moreover, a business can deliver its brand identity that would attract customers from anywhere desired. This is not yet all; it is just the surface! There is more marketing: SEO and SEM! SEO – Search Engine Optimization is an organic way to build your website to rank on Google. Google is a part of everyone’s life now. If you win Google’s algorithm, you are gaining profits. SEM – Search Engine Marketing, however, is sort of an investment. You pay to let your brand be seen on Google, YouTube, websites, Mobile Apps. Kids are watching their cartoons every day while adults are surfing around on YouTube at the same moment you are reading this. Mobile accessibility is extremely higher now. Now do the math! 

The best ROI

Return on Investment is one of the ways you can measure the efficiency performance from your investment. For example, you pay $100 a month to print a banner and rent a space to display your product. With that $100, you evaluate that there are 3,000 people that saw your products. Then when you use digital marketing and spend $100 a month, the data shows that there are 10,000 people that saw the post. The question is which platform you’d opt for with the same $100? Here are the factors that cause this: digital marketing doesn’t need any more production than the artwork itself, people spend time on their phone screen longer than anything, there are tools that can precisely target the right audiences on digital marketing, and countless more.


Measurability and Accuracy

Digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Adsense will display all necessary data for your marketing. There are reports of the performance of your post, which give you insights on what strategies or implementations you may need to adjust. You can measure your success at ease with these intricate reports. For instance, if you want to know how good your content posted on Facebook is, you can just see the insights on Facebook for free. Most internet-related companies really focus on accuracy and that is where it is good for us business owners to benefit from. Just make sure that you have proper objectives, targets, and goals, then the platform algorithm will do the rest.

Elevate your competitiveness 

In the digital world, there are numerous ways for small business owners to vigorously compete on the web, especially, when they are behind. We all have equal access to what the internet can offer. However, it is a major factor to master your skills in digital marketing. For instance, you will be intimidated by Starbucks if you were running a coffee shop. Even so, let’s take a step back and think digitally! Starbucks does have its prominence and dignity in the market, but as long as you hold online in the digital presence, you still have a chance to compete with Starbucks at some points. Again, strengthen your digital marketing skills first!

The digital world is another word of mouth

Although internet access offers so many benefits to all parties, not all parts of the internet are delightful and pleasant. Help me decide this: you want to dine in a restaurant, and you Google it to see the review first. The review is so low and the comment reflects the inhospitality of the staff there. People are boycotting the restaurant for its unhygienic environment. After reading all this, do you still want to eat there?

The Internet has such a powerful influence and just like that, it can destroy business in a blink of an eye. However, using the tools wisely and intelligently to counteract such internet effects would provide us more good than bad. Once again, strengthen your digital marketing skills first!

Your exclusive exhibition show

Moreover, digital marketing is even more significant for business serving services, because, in the digital world, service showcases are convenient, cost-efficient, and expandable. Unlike goods/tangible products, service has its story and features to portray that need media like video, animation, or even 3D models to elaborate. That’s where digitalization becomes effortlessly significant. Furthermore, the algorithm never waits, but it is unbiased and absolute. If you know your ways around with your elaborate strategies as well as the algorithm, the market is yours to keep! If you mess it up, however, try to find ways to get your campaign back effectively. 

In short, why going digital? Because YOU HAVE TO. Frankly speaking, people and the spoil technology never stop; and as technology improves, business needs to catch up as well. Remember that business is about maximizing profits, to reach that goal, technology and digitalization are more or less the most effective and efficient ways to go. Even though there are many other ways, if your competitors are steps ahead of you in digital, they will always hold the competitive edge. Whether you want to or not, you have no choice but to adapt yourself to it. Thus, it is important to never stop upskilling because technology alone cannot secure anything long term just yet.

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