#Future is



TW Digital is humbly delighted to show our deep support in the campaign that embodies the International Women’s Day of 2021 called “FUTURE IS WOMEN”. To show our utmost appreciation towards our highly dedicated powerhouse for their profound leading achievements, to further support the future of equal opportunities and the world of gender equality, we present #FutureisWOMEN.

Why Future is Women? The hashtag alone says it all. Women are boldly and fiercely marching towards making their desired future and dream a reality with fiery determination and elegance. Women are the epitome of beauty, wisdom, strength, and care, the trait required in shaping the future. With that, our squad leaders at TW Digital are celebrating with their creative works, their thriving accomplishments, and their heartening encouragements to all women on the platform.

Join us and celebrate the upcoming International Women’s Day, to show your support for the cause and to make a change. Every one of us of all genders can bring about changes with #FutureisWOMEN.

• Project Leader: Sereinyta SON

• Project Coordinator: Sovannorak LY

• Creative Director: Nou Vichet

• Graphic Designer: Khou Seavping

• Photographer: Chanvutha SOK

• Lighting: Vattanak PRANG

• Participants: Mean, Seavping, kacnika, Tey, Saravdy, Davan, Nyrath, Nyroth, Samphors, Kanha