Be Creative!

Digital marketing experts estimated that the average person is exposed to around 5,000 advertisements per day, and this is made possible through the advancement of the digital world. You see advertisements on TV, radio, billboard, newspaper, and on the internet! For an ad to grab your attention, it needs to connect with you and stand out. How else can a marketer achieve this if not for creativity?

We know that a large fraction of marketing is gathering data on the market, studying preference, demand, and personalization to cater products or services to their audience. After identifying the audience, what does the marketer do with that information? The answer? Be creative!

What is creative marketing?

Contrary to common belief, creativity is not made from pure creation but is rather a process of transforming data into something more practical. Data tells us whether a certain product or service fits into a certain market, creativity helps that product or service to sell better in the market.

What makes marketing creative? Traditionally, creativity in marketing is referred to the process of finding compelling words and visual concepts to fit into a certain marketing campaign, but as of now, marketing is getting more and more complex. Creative marketing is not just about words and visuals but is about effectively utilizing data analytics for your marketing campaign. Great marketers should be able to run successful ads using knowledge in data analytic, customer experience, and product design to fit the right brand strategies and attract potential customers.

Why is creativity important in marketing?

Businesses are finding ways to grab the customer’s attention and promote their products. Creativity is the key that can help a marketer to accomplish this goal. What creativity can do is it can redefine your marketing campaign, tremendously boost sales, generate unprecedented amounts of brand awareness, and can even transform a business.
Consumers have an average attention span of 8 seconds and even less on social media platforms. The digital world is a battleground for marketers in order to be noticed. If your campaign is not remotely special or lacks competitive creativity, it will simply be swept under the rug by the audience, making the marketing campaign a waste of time and money.

Creativity and originality go hand in hand to promote the identity of your product or service. Creativity in marketing is a necessity that can connect with the customer’s attention on a personal level. One of the most notable marketing campaigns is the “Share a Coke” campaign from Coca-Cola. By establishing common names on a coke bottle, people will attempt to find their name or a loved one’s name on a bottle and share a coke with one another, promoting the slogan and generating brand awareness in the process. All in all, the mastermind behind the massive success and worldwide sensation of a campaign is creativity.

How creative marketing impacts businesses?

There is a very intimate relationship between a business and its creativity. A common business phrase says that “you either be the first or be the best”. A business with originality and creativity will learn to embrace being the first to come up with a creative concept for their business while constantly honing their originality to be the best.

A Global CEO study conducted by IBM found that creativity is ranked number 1 in the future of business success. This goes to show just how crucial creativity can be for a business. It helps the business stand out and make a name for itself in the current market where the business world is a hot tight-knit competition to find who’s best.

Creative aspects such as creative marketing campaigns and product design help the business generate revenue which is important for the business in the long run! A key takeaway is, a business that is run with creativity and standard is a business that is hard to replace.

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